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Rules you need to know


As lame as it may seem, there is some major rules I'd like everyone to know before ever booking a trip with XMO.  

*Absolutely NO alcohol during your trip time, I appreciate a sober fisherman who wants to go out fishing.  If your looking to drink instead you may want to stop at a bar.

*No illegal drugs or illegal paraphernalia on within your possession period!

*No smoking cigarettes in the vessel.  I can accommodate you by stopping on a sand bar so you can smoke or if shore fishing no problem.

*Chewing tobacco is fine, but please bring a bottle to spit into.  Absolutely no spitting tobacco on the floor of the vessel. 

*If you need to make a bathroom related break, I can find locations to stop so you can do so.  DO NOT urinate in the vessel or over the side.

*Trip charge must be payed in full before departure, Tips can wait until the trip is over so you can rate your experience.

*No starting a confrontation of any sort with any other fisherman or boaters.

*Please place lids back on bait containers, or ask me to do so.  Dirt does not come out of boat carpet well.

*I have no discretion against swearing, I do ask if we are in range of women and children to keep mindful of that.

*All clientele is required to sign a waiver that covers these topics and others before boarding the vessel.

*At any time these rules are violated I can choose to terminate the trip at no refund.